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Collecting miniature & naive art

January 27, 2021

Collecting miniature & naive art

Sonia Cashman is our undisputed champion of this subject and she has been trading for over 40 years, having developed a great eye for the little quirks that add value and interest to a miniature as well as selling through the range from naïve to fine quality art, many other dealers in the shop have good examples too, but she is our only specialist.

The great thing about collecting miniatures is by the very nature of them they take up a small amount of wall space and in a well designed hanging look like a work of art themselves.

The more a collection is added too the better it looks, and one can collect themes such as men, ladies, family's children and animals, or bucolic rural scenes, or military officers very popular in the late Georgian times and their normally red uniform look very striking.

These were of course the portraits photographs of their day, so very usual to get a whole family, we have several of these in stock. Often the finer one would be in gold or silver frames, tending to be oval often with fantastically well-made leather transport cases, or in paper Mache black frames often surmounted by a gilded acorn, or the scenic one tended to have wooden or gilt frames and are of a generic scene rather than specific portrait.

I'll discuss silhouettes another day. We have many regular collectors, and several coming from Wales every month to see us. We love seeing them add to their collections.

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