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Collecting cigarette cards or Pokeman cards

June 10, 2024

Collecting cigarette cards or Pokeman cards

Probably an age thing as well as a supply and demand thing, if you wanted to collect cigarette cards now you would have to buy them as opposed to getting in a packet of cigarettes. No doubt same with Pokemon cards now.

All things collectable are fashion led and tend to fit into age groups same as collecting antiques, 20 years ago sewing antiques even dolls teddies were all the rage, and at this present time specialties or rarer items tend to be sought after. Enamel signs seem to of gone up and up in price.

Collectors will always go the extra mile for something rare in unusually good condition, of course the clever collector buys whats not top of the pops at the present time and perhaps sells when it is.

One thing for sure is hunting for what ever the must have thing is, is fun and a good way to spend ones time and if clever making a paying hobby too.


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