January 03, 2023


As language develops over the years, the meaning of clobbered has led to meaning being hit, the original meaning was to add paint on top of a lead glaze, the plate pictured is a classic example of a transfer printed plate the clobbering or clobbered detail, with embossed flowers cast into the pottery enhanced by green, pink,blue in this case rather a primitive attempt.

In the early production of transfer printing whilst it was possible to get fine detail, these were only in monochrome, so once applied to a blank item of pottery and glazed then the clobbering or addition of colour could be added.

This often effectively meant child like colouring in around or inside a transfer printed border. Transfer were invented in the 1790s, prior to this items were glazed in either one under glaze colour normally blue, or to get polychrome or multi colours items had to be hand painted using different oxides under a tin glaze. As opposed to tranferware that was under a lead glaze. 

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