Champ leve enamel

August 12, 2020

Champ leve enamel

Similar to cloisonne, the later made mostly in china where champ leve made mostly in France and some in Russia, champ leve means raised fields, very similar process to cloisonne, a area made up of brass or bronze wire then flooded with enamel and fired tends not to be a detailed as cloisonne, and sanded flatter.

An interesting aside the Chinese and Indians both used to ship raw silver items to France to be enamelled, and the french were the master of the craft. Guilloche enamel was invented by Peter Carl Faberge who used metal since as silver with a design tooled into the metal then with a translucent glaze allowing the design to show through.

Most items made from champ leve tend to be mostly desk related not exclusively often candlesticks and frames the height of the production seemed to be around the 1890s where the art and crafts style seemed to work well with the strong colours and designs. 

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