Blue John

September 25, 2022

Blue John

Slight funny name really but then names are, in case the stone is not blue, its purple and no idea what the John was for.

Highly sought after particularly big pieces in the late 18th century and early 19th century any country seat of any worth had a small collection of Blue John urns vases etc, the bigger the item and more carved i.e. a hollow pair of vases the more valuable.

Blue John or Derbyshire fell spar, which tens to have more brown sections, is a quartz that's been subject to different chemical such as copper and iron under pressure. It tends to go from purple to brown, and of course once it captures the light gives a dazzling effect.

Still mined today in Cornwall vein are hard to find, obviously a semi precious stone so cannot facet but the cabochon design gives a great colour.

We have several items on line at the moment and seek out more when we can find it.

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