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Antiques, vintage or brocante?

June 11, 2024

Antiques, vintage or brocante?

Antiques maybe a stuffy self important word, but actually an item that is 100 years old think about it 2 generations 100 years old deserves some venoration and respect.

Its comparatively easy to go to the local repro warehouse and fill your massively self important pitch costing a few hundreds pounds a month try employing anyone for that.

We have on Instagram seen whole stands furnished stocked completely out of the repro warehouse, all pretending to be vintage.

Put antique in search bar on ebay, 90% will be new faked up items and most second hand crap dressed up as vintage. Do we have any self respect as so called "antiques dealers"

Maybe old is boring, dull and passe, personally I don't think so, as if so lets have it all repro, copies repeats reproductions out of China out the local repro warehouse. May as well become the corner shop selling rubbish from local one stop supplier.

Sorry no doubt sound like an old fool but actually think there is a massive difference between a real item and a decorative and fake item

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