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Antiques a numbers game

July 08, 2024

Antiques a numbers game

Most dealers in particular old school dealers seem to think this i.e. the more they cram into a space the more they will sell. These days not true a well displayed good looking stock is essential. Buyers expect and deserve more particularly if paying decent prices.

3300 people took time out of their day to watch out videos, and whilst its fascinating to hear about William Chawner and his silver smith talents, we are afraid on the whole Mable and Mollie get more views. Never heard of Mable and Mollie no, no ,no not silver smiths Top Banana Antiques dogs.

Most liked ever Mollie in rain on Instagram, admittedly top slot on YouTube goes to a flint lock rifle, ironically banned on Facebook, Tik Tok as a firearm/gun.

Top antique area video is Attic for rent video most get 15/20 views, no doubt an interesting antique will get interest but getting info out in 60 seconds not easy

We are learning all the time, however being interesting and unpredictable is the key just like with you stock. Hours of monologue on Mr Chawner will not make top of the pops.

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