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Antique and Vintage Tools.

July 28, 2016

Antique and Vintage Tools.

You may think that it is quite odd for an Antiques Mall to sell antique and vintage tools but you would be wrong.  Firstly there are collectors for pretty much anything you can think of and there are certainly lots of collectors for old tools of all descriptions.  However many people buy old tools to use because they are better quality and much more economical to buy than modern tools.

We have a large collection of Billhooks in the attic here at Top Banana and most of these are bought by people because of the quality of the steel and the comfortable feel in the hand, just right for whacking away at the foliage.

Many old tools can be re-purposed into new uses, for example cobbler's shoe lasts make great doorstops, or look great in shop displays or a lovely country pub.

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