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Antique and Vintage Photography.

August 18, 2016

Antique and Vintage Photography.

Not too far south of us here in Tetbury is the home of the beginnings of modern photography, Lacock Abbey, where Fox Talbot took the famous photograph of the Oriel window in 1835 was the first to produce a translucent negative which could be used to make multiple copies of the same image.

There were other forms of photography like Daguerreotype and Ferrotypes both very collectable today, as well as glass negatives which were widely used for many years.  Whilst nowadays digital photography dominates many professionals and enthusiasts still use film.  This means that there is definitely a market for old cameras, both for use and for displays in commercial and domestic settings.

Here at Top Banana we generally have examples of old cameras, like this 'bellows camera and case pictured below, as well as numerous books relating to the subject.  We also have a selection of mount pages from late 19th or early 20th century photo albums, to give your family photo's a period touch.

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