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Antique and Vintage Bangles.

July 28, 2016

Antique and Vintage Bangles.
An always popular item of jewellery, often very inexpensive compared to other items even in gold or silver, present a lot of visual appeal and instantly dress up any outfit .

Bangles can be opening or closed i.e. like a slave bangle often worn higher on arm ideal for evening dress, we have several snake ones of these on our website.  Made from solid 9ct gold with jewel eyes or rolled gold, a more cost effective option.

Rolled gold is solid real 9ct gold rolled through a mill roller giving a substantial covering of gold to another metal.

Gold cased is, literally a wrap of solid real gold around another metal often used on fobs and intricate items
a metal core again solid real gold over another metal normally about 1/5th of the content.

Often due to size and weight bangles are made from these materials above, bear in mind the gold content if higher carrats on larger bangles can exceed over £800 or $1200 alone before any work age and stones taken into account.
We always offer with good clasps / clips and good hinges and as dent free as possible , which always will be stated ,and never will have any repairs.

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