All the fun of the fair

September 25, 2022

All the fun of the fair

Funny really, living in the south on Thursday slaped up to Peterborough, buy a bit, not much as they had all stalled out with same organiser at Shepton Mallet. Then today Monday slap up to runway Newark to see the same fine quality goods from the same organisers, which has been turned down at Shepton and then turned down again at Peterborough.

Not withstanding this you pay out £20 a time to view this finery.

I guess it beats paying 30% to auctioneers in buyer premium and VAT. Me, we prefer to buy from people who buy from source using my knowledge and skill to make a living of course running a good shop with a good reputation we have the option to buy daily from private sources.

Also saving all of us time and money and diesel. Every single day without fail fresh to market antiques are added to and shop too. Guaranteed.

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