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11,583.00 reasons to be thankfull

July 02, 2022

11,583.00 reasons to be thankfull

Best single day of the year so far 6 of last 5 days have been really consistently good and hopeful for today Saturday, off to good start already with some decent online sales and a few early morning trade sales too.

There's no doubt since poor old Ukraine was invaded (we stand with Ukraine) things have been difficult, but actually the last 20 years (yes Top Banana Antiques 20 years old November this year) has never been easy, and we are really good at adapting to new markets and with new prices and worth the money good value quality antiques and when we have junk, good honest junk and good value.

We also would like to thanks Drew Pritchard of Salvage Hunters and Drew Pritchard Antiques for after 2 hour program on Thurs night came in to see us, buying and more importantly being really nice to everyone including making Beverly's day of Alan Hussey Antiques & Jewellery day by signing his autograph.

Only to be followed by BBC Antiques road trip filming with yet another famous band member will do blog nearer when go on TV, reason they have been 4 times to us this year "we can always rely on you to be welcoming and have a consistently changing selection of proper antiques not just vintage as with so many places" quote from director.



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