As dire straits said "Why worry"

January 03, 2021

As dire straits said "Why worry"

Those of us a certain age, may recall "Smith come and see me at first break"

Even better still if they kept you waiting even longer to sweat, of course sometimes you didn't get beaten maybe even more physiologically damaging. 

"I have been in this game for over 50 years and every week of my trading, I have said to Jean "how are we going to avoid going bust this week?" quote from one of our regular trade clients. Somehow, some way every week it comes together, as stated to one of newer dealers, from now on your either be short of one of these 3 things, money, space or time. The way of a dealer.

However, the very same dealer soon discovered the pleasure of buying and selling, often within minutes of bringing an item into the shop. Once bitten a stronger, aphrodisiac than any cart load of oysters, and far more addictive, how do you think eBay works, and then they even tell you that you have won a purchase, bringing that extra element of competition, terrestrial auctions work on same premise, and of course the item will be cheap as doesn't have a price on it.

In essence if you have sensible goods and a sensible price the goods will find a buyer. As the 2 have a symbiotic relationship. You can of course get mad prices for mad goods if rare or good enough, price is very unimportant. 

Any goods inside Top Banana Antiques priced worth the money sell in hours as so many come through the shop. One issue with website items is delivery costs which have to factored in, but one thing to remember is this is a service as hassle free service to the buyer and you get goods to your door normally next day in UK. As the car advert says 'how much is your time worth?' (goat yoga awaits) we, Top Banana have all the hassle, of packing processing paying fees to various firms and sorting delivery of larger items. You have hassle free buying with guaranteed no quibble returns.

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