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Make it tasteful not wasteful

June 10, 2021

Make it tasteful not wasteful

Antiques and vintage are the original recycling, why do you think the old money from the past took great pride in handing on family furniture, and rightly so.

Generally antiques offer a far better quality and craftsmanship plus quality material than new items can offer. Let alone a bit a like a new car, if you buy new you will get a fraction of what you pay back, sometimes with antiques due to fashion you might not always make money, some items you will quadruple your investment.

Guaranteed, with most antiques even mass produced Victorian furniture that 75% of your piece will be solid wood, plywood was invented in the 1890s, let alone saving endless trees and forests, bear in mind most antique furniture is slow growing hardwood. Conversely most modern furniture is made from soft wood, and or mostly chip board or MDF (medium density fibre board) with most of the hardwoods important from the far east adding to deforestation and carbon footprint.

An antique sofa can be recovered reupholstered for far less then buying a foam filled DFS sofa that is impossible to clean and withing 5 years or so is off to the landfill, I have literally taken one IKEA wardrobe out of a flat for a tenant and recycled it as firewood as these items are designed deliberately to be moved, to replace with an identical item, on for the whole pointless cycle to start again.

Also most antique (again antique maybe a frightening word) secondhand furniture is very forgiving of damage such as a scratch or stain as often can be refinished and resorted for far less than replacement costs, unlike a plastic coated piece of chipboard that really is impossible to restore.


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