Who Needs £850?

August 04, 2020

Who Needs £850?

Who needs and antique compactum wardrobe? Who knows what a compactum wardrobe is? Ok one at a time, we all need £850, a lot of us need storage space, and a gentleman's compactum or compactum wardrobe is a very useful thing, a combined wardrobe with hanging space linen cupboard with shelves and chest of drawers often incorporating a mirror. Normally dating form 1860s through to about 1910, normally in hard wood such as walnut or mahogany.

So a client come in our shop on Saturday desperately seeking a compactum or at least a wardrobe, generally considered hard sellers in the trade, anyway I have one I use at home, being a helpful sort I said I'll send you an email with picture. After I've done this, however I went online to look for a replacement ...... ok you can see where this is going, Agatha Christie I am not. So no surprises the nearest new equivalent is £850 and several over £1250. I was asking £350  for my solid walnut one approx. 140 years old, the new ones were fibre board and painted and in 3 years will end in the skip. And funny enough mine comes in 5 bite size portable pieces, there's the new ones self-assembly, what a fun weekend ahead for the buyer.

As ever antiques and especially antique furniture wins the day for quality and value

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