When to invest and when not to

February 09, 2022

When to invest and when not to

Often when the crowd runs for the hills, heading to the valley works better.

The day of the first lockdown, we invested in our staff and in a new website. It's paid dividends.

Like any investment antiques go up and down in a rising market its easy, certain items at any one time are top of the pops, and due to supply and demand go up in price, as in antiques commercial sellers are always hard to find. Our advice is buy what you like and enjoy it.

Most antiques hold there value certain items like china, not in vogue at present but they are coming back into fashion as prices drop and become more affordable to more people. We have found after 15 years of Staffordshire figures being in the doldrums now coming back at a better price, all be it lower than before. Of course rarities always hold their price.

Even as dealers we cant predict the market, we can only bob along with what happening.

Our advice buy what you like in good condition, and you wont go far wrong and your home and lives will be richer for it.


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