When to codell and when to warm

June 27, 2022

When to codell and when to warm

I guess first place to start is explaining what a egg coddler is, a coddled egg is a bit like a loose boiled egg out of its shell an egg coddler is normally china or porcelain with a lid, and the egg is boiled inside the pot or coddler until its just cooked giving a soft runny egg without the the immense hassle of a shell to deal with.

The item in picture is an egg warmer, designed once eggs are boiled in their shells to keep them warm, with the aid of a mentholated spirit burner underneath.

So once again antiques give a fascinating insight to what was important in the past, things such as eating together following rules and etiquette and being social, i fear most of these days do not have breakfast together, probably not many other meals either, let alone create more washing up, cleaning etc, however imagine on a casual Sunday morning with friend or family long leisurely breakfast with warm dippy eggs, mmmm can almost smell the toast.

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