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Whats F.O Green Answer's On Picture Above

July 05, 2020

Whats F.O Green  Answer's On Picture Above

Top Banana Antiques has never really been cutting edge, when selling antiques and vintage not always easy to be down with the kids. We are not sure we are now! However this putrid green, like something out of a nuclear melt down, alien would be proud of this, actually works. It compliments Sara of Hill & Home's antiques mirrors brilliantly.

Sara's off to a great start after spending days painting and wallpapering in her truly unique F.T. wall, she's made an unique room setting, nice big room, full of interesting stuff. Incorporating jokes, leder hosen with wads of tenners, flying jump suit with flags coming from the fly, bee hives, plastic lobster (sorry you missed it sold first day) fantastic velum and leather luggage and great mirrors. Bronze shop letters (Drew Pritchard eat your heart out) that seem to make a myriad of useful words like poof, hope hops and with a little bit more time and intellect many more all original 1920s shop letter with great colour & patination.

Reference been down with the kids, we are having lots of newly got together couples furnishing there houses, together hopefully finally they have seen the light about how great value antiques are and what quality you can get for the money. Since reopening Saturday's in particular they have been coming in like buses. I hope its not just because the pubs were closed (SURELY SOME MISTAKE ) as last Saturday the pubs were open as were the restaurants well doe made a great day all round!.

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