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What is patina

July 10, 2022

What is patina

Basically layers of age related muck, giving your antique character and style and depth of colour.

As wood and leather, even paper and cloth get touched over years it picks up colour and then added to with furniture a wax layer builds up slowly the rich depth of colour, this is actually hard to fake and is why 2 similar looking arm chairs will vary by many hundreds of pounds, due to the colour or patina.

Certain items such as table, chairs and treen items which are regularly used tend to attract the best patination, due to consistent and constant use, makers of reproduction items often try and use french polish to replicate the effect. Particularity with period items this is almost impossible to fake as its the build up of layer over 100 or more years that makes the items have the great patina. 

Not just wood or leather, even metal brass and particularity bronze can do the same we have all seen the bronze in the park with that lovely buttery smooth polish nose where its been rubbed, touched by passers by.


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