What is Majolica

October 03, 2022

What is Majolica

In essence it is a type of glaze, so the early exponents of majolica, were people like Ruskin and Moorcroft / McIntyre and they played with combining lead glaze, which when two glazes mixed together tend to make the mottled tortoiseshell effect.

To start a tube line was used to fix or hold in a reservoir so as not to mix the colours, effectively like a cake decoration pottery is squeezed through a tube or syringe to make a lined design and then the glaze applied.

The real skill came when people like George Jones, Joseph Holdcroft,Wedgwood & co, Minton found how to hold different colour of glaze in place to make these beautiful multi coloured potter items. Most of the big names started off working for Minton and then went onto their own businesses.

Prior to this the only three ways to get mutli colours was clobbering, I'll explain on another blog, transfer printing or hand painting and then glazing which of course had to be done by highly skilled painters more often or not ladies.

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