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What is a vesta case?

November 28, 2023

What is a vesta case?

Those of us of a certain age might think an instant curry, can you imagine an instant curry adding hot water to a packet, we knew how to live in the 1970s.

However you may of heard of swan vesta matches, particularly pertinent as they had the red tips that could be struck on any rough surface.

Vesta was the Victorian name for sulphur and phosphorous based tip on a wooden splint i.e. a match, so effectively a vesta case is a match case or match box, a box for holding matches, of course these can be very glamorous, in fine metals and enamels, the one in picture adds another dimension with a stamp box too, these often worn on a chatelaine by ladies, or added to an Albertina for girls or part of a double Albert watch chain for a boy.

Sort of useless items but very tactile and collectable and many people like to collect them, really very appealing generally little boxes always have an interest and use, one thing is they don't run out and still to this day can be used as match cases.

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