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What is a knocker

May 08, 2024

What is a knocker

Some would say the scourge of the antiques trade, others that they are the very life blood of the trade and the ultimate source of fresh to market goods.

The modus operandi of a knocker is normally to leaflet an area, town or village, and then either await call back to see antiques or actually go back and knock doors to "collect " leaflets and see if they can persuade the homeowner to show them sell them antiques.

Often a type and often from generations of families doing the same thing, these Knockers tend to have a good eye and are quick to catch on to any trends of the trade latterly silver, jewellery and medals particularly high on list. In past Georgian furniture barometers etc.

Ready to take advantage of the uniformed but will and do pay well for their goods, and often tend to have favourite patches such as the south coast knockers often seem to frequent the welsh borders and valleys, areas where cash is king and ready money is sought.

Love them or hate them the antiques trade would be poorer without them, just like the sport of kings the antiques world attracts all walks of lives.

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