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What is a fob seal?

July 25, 2022

What is a fob seal?

Well really its 2 of the same things a fob is normally something like a seal or a charm or even a coin that hangs from a watch chain. The seal was a device made from a reversed carved intaglio made to add to molten wax a secure seal as a way of securely sealing, particularly a letter, but often a box or even a drawer on an item of furniture where you want to be sure safe and unseen.

As fobs often hung on display from a watch chain they were often made in gold and silver and of a highly decorative form, and figurative ones especially sought after.

Great items to collect and of course the intaglios can be romantic or proverbial, or just your own crest, monogram or even animals, we have had rabbits, elephants, dogs, lurchers, foxes the list is endless.

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