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Well they seem to be 3 million on the internet .

February 10, 2021

Well they seem to be 3 million on the internet .

If I had a pound for every time I heard this quote I might be worth 3 million pounds.

Just like a reference book the internet, whatever that is, is not the final arbiter of the price of an antique up or down, its gives an idea of what one may expect, so whether buying or selling bear this in mind.

Take into consideration where item is sold possibly likely to be a little bit more in Monaco rather Mansfield. By this I mean if Fred in Shed selling with a small stock outside Motherwell is likely to have less overheads than some one selling in Bond Street, so this can be fractured into the price. Also if buying from Truro and wanting delivered to London its likely to cost more than buying in Edgeware and getting delivered to Battersea.

Also if you can be offered a range of similar items from the same place will give you an idea if the prices are commercial, generally good things cost good money, nice things are never cheap as someone somewhere loves and cherishes them.

Always good to look at the general goods being offered as whether stock items are generally at correct money, recently looked at a few websites and everything seemed to be £500 or £1000 when often we have same at £200. We have items starting at £18 with free worldwide postage .

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