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We deliver

November 07, 2020

We deliver

Top Banana Antiques Mall delivers, obviously.

Some would say this has been a tough year, we have been open 20 years , We would say nearly all have been tough for one reason or another. 

So this year, at start of lockdown one, 6 of of my dealers saw no future in the antiques trade, since lockdown one we have nearly tripled sales, we have taken 2 extra staff increased hours of existing staff, added new website and filled shop up with over 12 new dealers, some new to trade some old hands. For first time in 6 years shop rooms completely full . We have 2 cabs do to recent retirement of 85 year old dealer, leaving 3 cabinets to fill .

Lockdown one we did half turnover through our website , this time we are investing in our business by keeping on all staff on full time full paid work listing online , dealing with packing shipping click & collect not Monday to Friday but 7 days a week as normal, in fact one extra lister has been added to make sure we get more on our website.

Of course other centres will be doing the same , well i know of one only who does what we do.

Second day of lockdown 3 dealers delivered one a van full , 3 large delivery done of big furniture the shop buzzy and busy , even though of course closed to public, many item added online 2 sold in minutes, 

Fresh good coming in old regular clients emailed , what's app, or D.M on instagram. and goods listed on our own website and other as quickly as possible, that's way we last time and this we will thrive not survive .

On a daily basis our clients tell us Top Banana is their favourite shop , big shop small prices, quality & quantity 

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