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We are trying

January 02, 2021

We are trying

Remarkable but if open, business is like pre 9/11, for those of you not around then business was at its zenith, in the 44 years I have been bashing away at it. 

Top Banana has approx. 50 dealers in the 3 lockdowns, we lost 12 dealers, 6 first time, 4 second and 2 this time, mostly for same reason panic, although one feels we should be getting the hang of it now.

Strange as in lockdown we have done business, lockdown 2, £66,000.00 shut! We have replaced all but 2 dealers bear in mind only a week into notice period.

We keep shop open for click & collect and deliveries 7 days a week, we keep listing online now nearly all shop stock is online over 4000 items.

Since lockdown we have spent over £6000 on new and improved website and invested in 2 new staff, which in turn has motivated everyone and we have the best team of salesmen & website listers we have had in years.

Our dealers are our our main asset, we have too tried hard to help them, first lockdown no rent charged, second lockdown kept all staff on full time listing making sure rent invested into our business, this time we have given dealers the choice of paying rent or no rent with increased commission meaning they have a choice to do what's best for them, while we have as a business the chance to keep investing and working on behalf of them.

We deal with all issues ref website, packing, shipping, & returns and the occasional loss too, all our dealers have to do is provide good stock at good prices and we do the rest.

All issues are dealt with by us, dealers have no involvement once sold, meaning you get quick postage and resolution to any questions etc in a professional manner and our dealers a free to do what they do best, buying good stuff.

We have 2 dealers spaces available, if you would like us to help you to continue to trade, please contact us.

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