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We are not economists

August 11, 2022

We are not economists

However my grannie would be spinning in her grave, surely its easy economics if you cant afford it you don't have it.

She, Grannie was master of the reuse recycle and make do and not wast anything ever. If you cant afford a tropical heated house perhaps maybe do not mince around in shorts or pajamas maybe add the odd jumper, put draft excluder (homemade snake or sausage dog) under the door, insulation, I am 99% certain grants are out there for lower earners.

Its so easy to use common sense on electricity, gas and heating, if it is not on, its not being used or wasted. Do you need to use your microwave as a clock, leave telly on standby, leave 24/7 mobile chargers on, etc etc run an empty freezer. Have a house fully heated when empty or lighted up like a birthday cake.

Think of the planet, and again with presents, furnishings and second hand clothes , vintage, antique so much more for less.

Opposite 4 vintage 1950's blinds free post to your door, £78 give "Hillarys" a bell and see if they can compete. Antiques will always be better value.



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