Want to stand out from the crowd

January 26, 2023

Want to stand out from the crowd

Then buy antique. Solid 22ct gold, real stones real work reals statement.This is a handmade, items not cast mass produced c1840 to1860, cannetille, those are the highly worked nodules with the pearls and each leaf hand cut and hand chased imagine the hours this took to make. 22 grams of item, that's a lot of gold and top quality stones.

You could dive into that amethyst on a hot day to cool off, its such an amazing colour. Perhaps this item at £2400 is not such a great example but this is 22ct and huge and a real statement, we can sell nice little gold brooches a little less in your face for £100. Less if in silver.

Any brooch worn makes a statement people notice and make comments, men can wear them too on jackets and overcoats. The only brooches you find on the High Street will be little Edwardian numbers with one or two stones and very overpriced, just zoom in on this item and look at how good the workmanship is.

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