Victorians added the N to word Novelty

April 04, 2022

Victorians added the N to word Novelty

Been the start of mass production the Victorians also were the first era where the middle classes had time and money for leisure, combine this with dinning room full of every type of silver and silver plated serving items and eating items and the etiquette that went with it.

It made sense that if your friends were into golf that you gave them a golf related novelty present such as a toast rack or condiment set etc. Been the age of invention it was all manor of novelty items were made in sterling silver and silver plate to cover peoples hobbies and pass times such as rabbit pin cushions and all manor of sporting related items from archery to zoo animals.

Often delighting in making novelty items like a fishing reel into say an inkwell or tape measure, great fun to collect now and rare items really can be very valuable.


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