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Using Antiques

November 19, 2020

Using Antiques

Most antiques are very useable today, Americans are past masters at upcycling repurposing, one of there great things is using biscuit barrels as ice buckets, the list is endless, cheese graters as candle shades etc etc.

Antique dinner services are so cheap and whilst I would not recommend putting a 160 year old willow meat plate in the dishwasher, if warmed first and after hand washed makes great serving dish, my mother uses a mixed blue willow china set from c1790 through to 1950 as her everyday china, not dishwasher proof but great colourful and eminently usable.

Of course another one is great value antiques and vintage glass, yesterday sold a pair of waterford crystal decanters for £85, new price £180 to £425 each, fact we have a Waterford lismore decanter in the shop for £45 and a choice of 30 plus for £15, but of course drinking glasses are such great value, in Top Banana Antiques we can sell you a great antique glasses for £5 to £20, and whilst no one want to break anything nice really its not the end of the world and actually you are protecting others by making  a demand for them, fact out house clearer T.P used to put every vintage glass in the recycling bin, now one of his best sellers.

Recently several hotleriers from Bath have brought set of glasses by the box full for their restaurants, offering quality style and more important to me different. Another good call was using sugar carsters as lamps on his tables.  Youngsters are regularly buying quality cut glass and decanter for home use, making a drink special rather than a binge experience.

In essence you can buy great antiques for very little, less than new, enjoy them on a daily basis, alot of the post 1950s china will be dishwasher safe, we also offer great vintage 1970's china with all the design which is ready for everyday use.

Of course its win win win, you get great stuff to use, you save these items and you save money and the environment, no landfill, no new digging of clay, extra transport, firing kilns etc etc.

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