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Unusual sells

December 12, 2022

Unusual sells

Most of us in Top Banana Antiques have been at this a long time, and too many of you 1985 will seem very old, 37 years, I guess half a lifetime for most of us.

I have never in 47 years of dealing seen a "Bacardi" more modern/current drinks are always popular in bottle tags such as vodka, etc. During and after lock down, I guess as an anecdote, we have many younger people in twenties and students etc coming in and buying decanters (the cheapest item in the whole antiques trade)  and smart cut glass drinking glasses etc.

For those stuffiest amongst our readers, I did buy a mushroom the other day,  definitely rare, not a label for a mushroom but in the past mushroom ketchup was a very popular condiment, and earlier this year had 2 departments of the port regions in Georgian sterling silver tags, one Lisbon and one Beaculous rarer than rare.

Anyway fun affordable useful items to collect and use, generally most antiques should be used, maybe sometimes with care but certainly used and enjoyed.

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