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To Trade or not to Trade

January 10, 2022

To Trade or not to Trade

We really do if possible at Top Banana Antiques to do decent Trade discount for genuine antiques trade. Visited a well know Berkshire centre today to collect goods from one of our Standholders as we have been busy for her.

Saw a blue and white drainer I liked for my collection £55 trade £3, now blue and white is rather out of fashion thank goodness as it means great value and I like it. The dealer who was selling on behalf of another dealer said "if I go lower than price on the ticket I have to pay the difference myself and they never answer the phone".

Whilst silly low offers are an irritation and occasionally insulting to give a trade discount to any regular buyer not only makes sense but is polite for regular business. We try to say yes whenever we can and if faced with a crazy low offer will try and still get sale for our dealers, and like wise our dealers will reciprocate by trying to work with buyer a truly symbiotic relationship.

The Trade and I mean the antiques trade account for at least 40 % of our business and actually are our mainstay in business, we need them, they need us. Once things are at there so called true value there is a tendency to stick as in reality we all like a decent buy.

Our dealers are constantly trawling the world for fresh stock and as such need cash flow and space, so generally keen to Trade.

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