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Tin glaze

January 04, 2023

Tin glaze

I doubt if a glaze made from tin would be enough of an answer, in essence tin which was and is very expensive was added to silica to make under temperature a hard glaze, it tended to be applied on top of pottery made from a terracotta based material, and then often decorated in polychrome glazes made from oxides of various metals.

The limitation was that the glaze tended to be very brittle and if struck, would tend to ping off the pottery underneath.

As such items of tin glaze tended to be for use in dining rooms and more special event than day to day mixing bowls etc. Due to its propensity to being damaged lead glaze followed in the late 1790s and due to its durability overtook tin glaze, and coincided with the invention in the late 1790s of transfer prints which could give great precision detail and repeated time after time lending itself to mass production.

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