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The right stock at the right prices

September 13, 2021

The right stock at the right prices

What are the strengths of a group shop?

1. A lot of antiques under one roof.

2. Pretty level playing field, as goods freshly coming in 7 days a week and therefore allowing everyone a fair crack at the whip, rather than everything being offered to a favourite dealers first who who ever is the flavor of the antiques trade month at the time.

3. A huge range of antiques at a huge range of prices, never could be replicated by one dealer alone, often we have 5 similar items at 5 completely different prices depending our our dealers either value it or see it market value. There for giving you a chance to evaluate an item for yourself.

4.Drawer backs our perhaps you may feel you cant get to the "real deal" however at Top Banana Antiques you can as generally we will negotiate for our dealers and know how our dealers think and what deals can be done, we are not running off to call the dealer for help like "Joan"  does on Antiques Road trip, our sales people are professionals and know what they can do when, and where, and for whom giving the best price instantly.

5. 60% of goods go to other dealers more would but as previously stated as all out on sale, impossible for anyone person to get everything.

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