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The Lasting Legacy, Moorcroft Pottery

July 04, 2017

The Lasting Legacy, Moorcroft Pottery

As with many great British names in pottery Moorcroft has it's roots in the potteries area  of Staffordshire.

A young prodigy, William Moorcroft started his career as a designer with an established comapany James MacIntyre at the age of 24, becoming head of the design studio after only one year.  He further established himself by beginning to sign the pieces he designed around 1904. One of his designs was the  'Florian Ware' range. which was signed by him.

The illustrations we have for this article are of a pair of 'Florian Ware' vases we have for sale at Top iBanana signed by William Moorcroft and produced during his time with MacIntyre. Both in excellent condition

After huge success at the St Louis World Fair in 1912 , his name was begining to be greater that that of his employer.  This leading him to start his own company in 1913, designing and producing the now familiar Art Nouveau inspired designs with strong colours and high glazes.

The desirability of the Moorcroft designs was by now well established, so much so that Queen Mary, a great collector of art and objects herself, began to collect Moorcroft, thus the Moorcroft marque gained a Royal Warrent in 1928.

The name of Liberty of  London, so well connected in everybody's minds with Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau designs of the period was no exception where Morecroft was concerned, the Libery company had an interest in Moorcroft right up to the 1960's.

William died in 1945 and the company was inherited by his son Walter who continued to produce the well known glazes and designs, the Royal Warrent was granted to Walter thus continuing the high regard of the company.

Today Moorcrott is still a familiar name and much collected, gaining respectable prices in salerooms to this day.




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