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The 1950's, Austerity to Prosperity.

June 14, 2017

The 1950's, Austerity to Prosperity.

In the years following the end of the war in 1946 the production of furniture and household goods was gradually increased, turning from using timber and metals for the war effort to providing for the gradually growing population that were to be the parents of the generation known as the 'babyboomers'.

Using at first utilility materials the designs of furniture and objects were still influenced by the shapes and forms used in the pre war era of the 1930's and Art Deco.  The ice bucket and the chrome cocktail shaker in the photograph being the style and shape that were familiar at the height of the 1930's.  The Ice bucket particularly using the popular cream and black details we associate with Art Deco early plastic items.  This one was produced by 'Thermos' using the silvered double skin glass lining familiar with the well known flasks.

Items made for convenience in the Kitchen were being produced with ideas coming from America and the Continent.  Of interest is the fruit 'juicer' on the right of our photograph, probably designed after an an Amercan idea from an alloy that was light but strong. 'Made in 'West Germany' in factories that were a very few years before producing armaments.'

Coffee and the trendy 'coffee bars' were begining to appear by the mid 50's and for the first time in many years real coffee was once again availiable.  The British travelling on the Continent for holidays discovered the pleasure of drinking the real thing instead of using the concentrate in bottles such as 'Camp' and 'Bon'.  Notably the cafetiere is not a recent development as can be seen by the aluminium example from 1950's France on the left of our picture.

Fashion and grooming were once again being considered after many years of 'make do and mend'.  The electiric trouser presser in its box with the proud Gentleman owner on the front demonstrating it's use for a 'knife edge crease' is only a small example of handy items that were appearing at the time.






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