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Thanks for a brilliant week -lovely and great fun

October 26, 2020

Thanks for a brilliant week -lovely and great fun

Just had our best week this year achieved nearly 2.5 times average sales. people realise how good value antiques are and what quality you can get for next to nothing , like 6 cut glasses for £10 to £30 , including a fantastic picture at £3000, we have nice stuff at nice prices

Thank-you to Martien & Edd, left shop 7.20pm Saturday after 8 am start,

We are in shop every day from 8 .30 am , knock on door for pre 10 am entry .As shop so busy good time for stand holders to come, gives you and one and half hours to do stuff most of you take less.

Megans blue rooms underway , she added to the busy atmosphere, and even though very new helped too not least of all with hot drinks, she's off to great start now has the bigger problem of restocking , ah well such is life.

Tp the house clearer took more on Saturday in one day then he normally takes in 2 weeks 

Nearly everyone in shop is doing really well, so if you feel you're not perhaps come in a have a rejig, move around dust new tickets etc, with out any doubt those dealers in shop coming in regularly restocking working at it are reaping the rewards, business is here come and grab it 

We almost have something for everyone in our shop, terracotta flower pot 1gbp fine 18ct watch £1500, pictures from £10 to £3000 , Mirrors £10 to £1200 

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