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Something Positive

July 14, 2020

Something Positive

Very little in life is all wasted, from all the recent uncertainty lots of positives have happened, such as less pollution, less unnecessary car travel, less waste, home cooking, dog walks, bike riding and thinking about one's friends and family, and perhaps indeed other people..... for a change.

It seems highly likely that working from home will be here to stay, certainly as a 3 days home office 2 days' work office making the home more important and relevant, let alone saving wasted time stress and money. Certainly, we have learnt to appreciate different and perhaps overlooked things; we notice we get as many likes for a nice wild orchid as we do for a Chippendale chest of drawers, often more !

Two things we have noticed: those with a bit of savvy have wanted to make their homes more workable and livable, whilst we sell many fine antiques, we also sell a lot of good value furnishing items such as a cut down low boy table which now works brilliantly for an end of sofa table. The other great positive is that many, as many as 50% of our buyers, particularly at the weekend are under 30 often even under 20. The former setting up home together and most definitely wanting antique and vintage items, buying from fantastic value antique and vintage glass through to proper furniture, in fact lately furniture has made up 40% of our sales , where before lock down a lot less.

We have been very busy since reopening a lot more footfall and a lot more sales, and really throughout the range with pictures being particularly popular, even in the higher end range.

Top banana really does pretty well, we have it all from a sets of cut glasses at a ration of the high street cost through to a sofa, good usable chest of drawers from 100 gbp through to a fine Chippendale period one at a 1000 gbp, both offering great value.

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