Something about an antique centre with the word mill on the end

August 15, 2021

Something about an antique centre with the word mill on the end

Over the summer have been making a point of visiting many centres and shop some not seen for over 10 years, many of course have gone, some towns hard to recognise due to lack of antique shops.

There seem to be a plethora of Antiques centres with the name collective or mill at the end, they of course vary in quality, but one thing is for sure they do not feel like an antique shop, they feel like a high street shop selling fully or dare I say over priced goods that is impossible to work out if they are new or the euphemistic vintage, and strangely enough all seem to be the same, same flowers same smells same look, offering mostly huge bits of furniture that would only fit in a castle.

Candles and handles seem to be the norm, we do our upmost to offer a range of antiques, proper antiques, and yes we do have vintage but it will be vintage not dressed up to look vintage.

Of course the real strength we have, is one dealer one room even when recovering from lockdown, we didn't waver by splitting higher rent rooms into 2 or worse, it makes a real difference come and see that Top Banana Antiques Mall is different, because we make it different and we actually do sell quality antiques in quantity at sensible prices.

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