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Shop Local Thrash international

June 19, 2020

Shop Local Thrash international

Top Banana Antiques, we love our website, we put a lot of effort into it, listing often 100 fresh unique antique items in a day. We are really busy, we had 4 salesmen in on Thursday, another good day and for our 2 rising international new stars it was their first day. 4 items waiting to be listed by our Australian star overnight, sold before she could get to them. It was a foul day, wind rain and tempest, yet old clients and new came in, not in droves but nice and steady so we could dedicate time and attention to them, paying dividends for us and them .

Thank-you so much for you're continued support, if we all look after each other, this will work. Top Banana well and truly back on the rails, we are in line for the best week in several years, thank you to all our dealers who have worked hard, repainted, kept the faith and invested skill, time and money, and more importantly thank-you to our clients and all the support and great comments especially about the value of and quality of our goods particularly when compared to some of the venues.

We don't mind a bit of honest junk and priced well and clean, our house clearer is selling hand over fist, yet 3 items selling over the £2000 range and the bargain of the week a fantastic patina with great colour and grain, Cuban mahogany chest of drawers Georgian c1760  selling for £1000, furniture especially small useful items selling really well, along with mirrors.

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