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Sheep growing into large flock

June 13, 2024

Sheep growing into large flock

A few years ago we had everyone painting room shades of grey, maybe a good title for a book.

Now we noticed more and more dealers stock in other shops becomes a tapestry of colours often flaky white or dubious Swedish blue/grey. Now seems interior decoration becomes very grey, cold and matt uniform, let alone almost every car a shade of charcoal grey.

The whole point of antiques is to be different, we wear what we like cut our hair beards etc as we like, and yet seems many of us dealers now want to fit into this magazine image of what everyone else thinks we ought to present or deal in.

We guarantee every single room in Top Banana Antiques is different with a different look and feel and age and style of stock. Yes we do have vintage, but we don't have new out of the warehouse goods.

Our dealers plough their own furrow not following / copying each other.

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