Selling Antiques - why waste all youre profit

February 19, 2021

Selling Antiques - why waste all youre profit

Spam folders can be fascinating, we are a little antiques centre in rural Gloucestershire, a national antiques website sent me spam saying numbers of items listed in month etc, well THEY CANT WORK VERY HARD AT IT, we do more with only 7 staff and 7 days a week.

We charge 10 % on web sales, free listing no hidden costs, no vat , no nothing. Of course is not eBay or Amazon but we do sell guaranteed goods, mostly free post at no cost to our dealers, all packing and packing material provided we send normally same day as paid. Unlike the other we deal with our dealers goods, we cover all issues and dealers have no breakage or loss risk, we cover that, we know our stuff on the whole and are not a faceless uncaring giant.

Also our website has 600 visitors a day but they are committed quality buyers not bargain hunters and opportunists, of course good bargains come from our shop and website, we are general dealers, we have specialists in the shop but on the whole they are trade orientated in price.

We list every day and unlike so many website list items starting at £30, with free post, and are happy to deal with everyday antiques not all telephone number items, we do have a few of those and lots of higher end stuff but on the whole everyday people want everyday stuff at sensible prices. Shop sells £1 to £8500 currently with everything in between.

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