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Room nearly empty ready for the next fit dealer

June 04, 2021

Room nearly empty ready for the next fit dealer

Top Banana Antiques doesn't get junkier as you go up stairs, yes we had a house clearer selling in attic but actually his stock was like a lot of other dealers but 1/4 of the price. Such a shame he had personal problems which meant he could do the shop as he was really consistently doing well.

The second floor is one of our best selling floors and all the dealers are whilst on the decorative side, quality dealers who trade well.

Running the attic room need a fit dealer and or a dealer with helpers as its 3 floors up, however its fantastic value a huge room for a fraction of the cost of a ground floor room, most buyer go up there and some make it their first call.

The room is huge whole width and more of Top Banana Antiques, good head height fantastic beams to display off, imagine the beams covered in textiles with pictures on the walls and some decent furniture to boot, room would be like a Sultans Palace.

Look on website to get an idea of room search Tom Passco to see some pics , bear in mind now empty.

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