Precious or not

September 17, 2020

Precious or not

We possibly have all heard of precious stones,and semi precocious stones.So what are they, 5 precious stones diamonds emeralds sapphires ruby, and lastly aquamarine the one most people forget.

So what does this mean, well basically its all about pressure or hardness the precious stones are subjected to high pressure making then super hard,which can be tested using a spectrometer,this fires a beam of light into the stone and depending how bent or refracted will tell what stone it is.

When buying jewellery try to go for nice stones ones with minimum inclusions, there amount of impurities in the stone.Go for nice colour rather than size.Bear in mind all emeralds will come with some inclusions again strong colour whats wanted.

Semi precious stones just means really that less hard and therefore tend to be more common as cabochon these stones as softer wont easily take a facet like a brilliant diamond will have 58 facets,many stones such as amethyst natural blue zircon, peridot, etc will take facets softer stones like moonstones rock crystal wont and tend to be cabochon ie round mounds of stones  

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