Pot lids

March 13, 2023

Pot lids

Sounds really obvious, but whilst a pot lid is a cover to a pottery box, they are actually for potted meat and fish paste, from the french pottage, this was a way of keeping spreads and pates fresh indefinitely.

The manufacturers caught onto the fact that if they produced interesting transfers printed designs of battles occasion and monument people would want to keep and re-use and treasure these items as they did with tin plate biscuits and sweets tins.

Bases were made from heavy lead glazed pottery and tended to be plain white so the lids became popular. The pre-runner to these were monochrome printed pots such as the famous bears grease etc.

This a a good example presented in a ebonised frame and in good order and we have several more on www.topbananaantiques.com and in the shop too.



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