Positivity always works

May 02, 2022

Positivity always works

Top Banana has an interesting mix of staff been in and around the antiques trade 44 years to 2 years part time.

On a bad day ask our longest serving member he might be moan the good old days ask one of our younger members, for him every day is good, hes doing well in Top Banana Antiques as well on our website and well on his own online forums hes hungry and keen.

We have had a very decent bank holiday weekend and this will keep the positivity ball spinning, fresh sales add to fresh stock and round and round we go.

Our newest dealers restocked after less than a week and IS selling really well, as are a lot of our old guard, all our new dealers are selling well, consistently well in a period which lets face has especially for poor old Ukraine been far from easy.

Regular fresh stock and sensible prices with commercial stock winner every time.


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