Planting A Garden Is Believing In The Future.

March 15, 2018

Planting A Garden Is Believing In The Future.

Whilst on the news warnings for yet another cold spell and even some more snow saddens a gardener's heart, we at Top Banana, are getting everything ready for you and your garden. It seems an extra long wait this year to experience the magic of surprise which comes with planning and planting a garden.

Most of us as a child will have planted some easy Sunflower or Radishes seeds and can still recall this magic and the excitement of watching these yellow giants growing over our heads and the thrill of harvesting and eating your own Radishes.

Only a gardener can understand how proud one can be of a flower or vegetable bed that started life in your hands in the form of a packet of seeds, a bare root or tiny plugs.

Besides this magic of surprise, Gardening also provides some therapeutic benefits as coaxing seeds into growth or a fierce pruning refreshes the spirit. It's almost a form of ritual to create beauty around us Whilst it also works within our minds as a symbolic act.

Here At Top Banana provide gardeners with some beautiful ornamental pieces in the form of Figures, planters,Urns, vintage and antique gardening tools and some helpful books!


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