Plague Tempest Flood

June 02, 2020

Plague Tempest Flood

They say trouble comes in threes:

Tempest of Covid-19, Flood from water board repairing the water main which has flooded poor old Dan's basement....OK we have not had the plague although we seem to of been beset by numerous illnesses which lend mysteriously lead to retirement. As stated before Top Banana has been open during a lot of negative things happening and we survived them all. business is a junction as ever, stuck between high end decoratives with a shelf life as most fashion items and junk and serious browns still has it's place far from the mainstream buyer. We have always tried to offer goods that appeal to most people and most prices ranges from 1GBP through to 10,000GBP although we sold a grandfathers clock of over 16,000GBP. Our best range 1GBP to 300GBP.

We have our best room up for rent after 18 years, plus one other. These give a cost effective way of selling antiques 363 days a year as we're open longer hours than anyone else: 7 days a week and bank holidays too. Our website sells 24/7 with staff dealing with all the logistics of that. Being in Top Banana is like tripling you're daily production. 8 of us working hard for you every day. good website listing adding to footfall in shop, through shutdown, a table 2 lions and two owls and a bench all sold through the website viewing and collected at shop, including daily web-sales.

Top Banana is lucky: we have a great balance of experienced as well as younger dealers all under 40. Through lockdown post-able items have sold very well. We haven't wasted our time and most people have their stock listed online and most dealers have sold and already restocked, ready for opening on the 15th. Unlike others we don't just sit there and collect rent, we really do work, work hard at selling you're stock, doing deals when needed and going the extra mile look at You'll see the new logo, new layout, new improved quality of pictures and listings generally. We don't know it all but with experience that manager has acquired over 42 years, we are ready to open with new carpets downstairs, repainted rooms restocked with fresh stock... a lot of old guard have dropped back using this as an excuse to bow out. we will prove them wrong! Auctions have been dear as hell during lockdown due to internet and lack of goods however with premiums and commissions running up to 40% there's little chance of profit and I am sure overpriced goods will be around for a while. We sell well priced goods in decent condition in decent surroundings. After you have enjoyed your social distancing fairs with the queuing hanging around and early starts and costs, yes a very expansive way to knock your goods out, you will realise that a well run shop is not only the most cost effective way to sell goods, it's also the easiest and best way. We work hard to make it work for you.

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