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Paintings - an instant fix

March 11, 2021

Paintings - an instant fix

Paintings create an instant fix, and add personality and finish to any decoration project.

They are great things to collect and if you know your receiver well a great present, there is a way around this, we see a lot in Top Banana, couple come in, one half say they like so and so, other half sneaks back and we hide away for present or of course you can scroll through the website together as nearly all our online.

We sell fantastic still life of flowers from £20 to £2000 making an instant statement whether in drawing room or bedroom.

Of course themes and colours work well too, except often with a picture a bold opposite works brilliantly like a wall full of red macaws from the 1980s surrounded with period brown furniture.

In groups of themes pictures look great, and of course it is fun looking for presents or additions to a collection, and most pictures will make a good investment, however buy with the heart and eyes, and you will never be unhappy.

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