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Opportunity Knocks £16 a day to trade in an established business which works, and works hard for you !

July 24, 2020

Opportunity Knocks £16 a day to trade in an established business which works, and works hard for you !

Some of us of a certain age will remember Huey Green and his 1970s game show 'Opportunity knocks'.

A lot of people have recently had the greatest time to think, adjust, adapt, review their life and make plans. Most of us I fear will treat it like new years resolutions and not do much about it . But, there has just been given to us the biggest opportunity ever to re-think not just work, but how we work. 

At Top Banana we actively embrace the internet and our website and have done for over 24 years. During that time the has had several revamps (the last one the day of lock down). We invested immediately in our business paying our staff in full, in fact keeping them employed adding two new members of staff and a new website new logo. After a vote however we reverted back to our much loved banana man. We have also done a lot of SEO work on the site too , all costing well over £20,000.

Several of our dealers (in fact 6) were sure the financial world was ended and the antiques trade was finished. 6 weeks of trading since we re-opened have proved them wrong, infact some of our dealers have done better than ever. 5 new dealers so far have replaced these 6 and being delighted, one is taking on new space having done so well. He is now  in fact taking on the biggest space in the shop ,doing more business in 5 weeks than he did in whole previous year. The occupier of the top floor has also increased his presence and taken prime position at the front of the shop after 10 years of trading from the top floor.

Rent at Top Banana is a month by month license so easy in easy out, and we are cheaper than you're average boot sale of flea market and we open 363 days a year (10 till 5:30 pm).

We have no dateline, we don't mind honest junk, we hate wrongly described new goods, and we really love nice commercial antiques. Since lockdown we have sold many items above £1000 , and at the same time we have sold an lot of honest clean cut glasses in sets of 6 for a tenner , (bargain of the year). Three 3 new hotels have brought from us recently to furnish their properties including 2 new restaurants from Bath , prop buyers and the trade have begun buying strongly again also.

We work harder and smarter than most Antique Centres, offer good variety of quality antiques and decorative items (with smart country interiors being our best seller). We also have high end silver jewellery and Chinese antiques as well as many good pictures.

Grab the chance , be brave the new world really will give you a chance to change you're lives, I guarantee if bitten by the antique bug there is no cure or vaccine!!

Final thought...... yesterday 23/7/20 was best day this year! 2.5 times better than our previous best day so far, and 6 times better than our average!.

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